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The Authors

About Norman Clark

Norm Clark is a leading thinker and practitioner in the fields of Marketing Communication and Graphic Arts. For many years, he was a Graphic Designer with projects carried out in more than 20 different countries.

He was a Partner company with Lintas in Budapest, and trained Baltic Saatchi associates AGEcom personnel in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

He has worked in the industry for over 50 years in many parts of the world, from Asia to Australia, Europe, Middle East and Russia, latterly as an academic, teacher, consultant and author.

He was Senior Lecturer in Marketing for Business Schools in Europe, and produced a series of narrated Seminars which are now converted to CD and available through Mosaic. He is the author of ‘Fitting in the 4th P- an IMC Primer', and his lighthearted Memoirs of 50 years in Advertising ‘Brothels, Beans and in-betweens' appeared in 2005.

As Editor-in-Chief at Mosaic Publishing, he is leading the process of identifying and funding authors of niche publications which by their nature would be unlikely to attract major publishers. The current development portfolio is diverse in subjects, geography and culture. It ranges from works related to emerging contemporary artists to technical works reflecting changes in our societies.

"Norm is a knowledgeable advertising man with a vast amount of experience. I am delighted that he has turned a lifetime's love of the business into a new series on Old Advertising, particularly posters. He has exceptional knowledge in this area, where his work has also been his interest over many years.
That he has chosen to apply his examples to different market sectors should delight those in the sector, and also those who love old advertising, or simply enjoy a walk back in time"

Richard Myers,
Fmr. Creative Director,
Global Culture,
Saatchi & Saatchi

About Philip Cormie

The Principal and Founder of the Mosaic Group (including Mosaic Publishing) is Philip Cormie.
Philip has a keen interest in business start-ups and funding very early stage enterprises which ‘‘will make a difference''. Most of his time is now spent working with a portfolio of new businesses in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Previously a large part of his business life has been devoted to working with many large corporations focusing on value improvement. This included successfully restructuring the operations of multi-national companies so as to improve their strategies, customer focus, efficiency and profitability.

Originally educated in Melbourne's RMIT University in Aeronautical then Mechanical Engineering, he has taken post-Graduate work at a number of universities in Australia and the United States in Strategy, Management, Finance, Marketing and Change. He is currently undertaking a Doctorate program in ‘Systemic Process Failure in Markets, Boards, Managements and Advisors'.

Following senior management and leadership roles in industry and in international consulting, he established his own firm. Initially, it operated from Australia, but by developing intellectual property, grew and expanded internationally, by both establishing or acquiring a number of consulting firms in Europe, the United States and Australia, including BCG, RCP, RCMI, CAW and W.D. Scott.
More recently, he has reduced his involvement in professional work to focus on new enterprise development.

Current areas of interest include innovative and high value adding specialist ventures e.g. professional services, intellectual property, financial services, property, manufacturing, retailing, art and agriculture.

The Mosaic Group focus is on early stage companies that are ‘Interesting, Worthwhile and Sustainable' or ideas that are undercapitalized or need help in bringing to operational reality. Mosaic welcomes approaches from those who have such needs, particularly those who want to make a unique and meaningful contribution to their communities. Mosaic Publishing and Books is a great example.