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About us

Mosaic Publishing Pty Ltd is a Division of Mosaic Group Services, Melbourne, Australia, with Editorial Offices in France, England, Australia and the US.

It is a Venture intended for Authors and Creators who can enhance Hindsight, Foresight, and Insight, and make a contribution to better individual and collective actions.

Mosaic books are derived from intense personal research programs by authors and subject to peer group reviewed and are literally Works of Art.

Our books are available as e-Book downloads, however some find nothing quite equates to the enduring holistic experience of a ‘traditional book', and we will be addressing that according to demand.

Our initial range is The History of Advertising, and majoring on the fascinating world of  Posters & Graphics - there are  now 23 titles in the series, covering a century-plus of international designer works, covering mainly pre-photography 1870-1970 approximately.

Currently there are over 14,000 images in the collection.

The Collection is aimed at all those interested in the subject generally, with each title reviewing a specific market sector in some depth. As a whole the series forms a major library of interest to educationalists, advertising agencies and clients, art schools and specialist interest groups and Clubs, plus of course those who are simply interested in this colourful and informative review of social history.

They are all now available as direct Downloads from this site.

Mosaic Publishing Pty Ltd can be contacted through;